ॐ शन्नो भगः शमु नः शंसो अस्तु
शान्नाः पुरन्धि  शमु सन्तु रायः I
शन्नो अर्यमा पुरुजातो अस्तु II

Source:      Rishi: Vashishtha         Rigveda: 7.35.2


O God! By your grace, humankind has attained wealth, power, intelligence, comforts,
luxuries, independence, and a lot more. We pray that we must not misuse these powers and riches.
They should be used to enhance comfort, peace and justice in the world.
No being should ever suffer from these powers.
Our wealth and fame must beget peace, our intelligence must always be the cause
of comfort, upholding truth and peace. May your justice extend peace and
happiness everywhere.

Yajurveda: 24.13

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ॐ य आत्मदा बलदा
यस्य विश्व उपासते प्रशिष्म यस्य देवाः  I
यस्य छाया अमृतं यस्य मृत्यु:
कस्मै देवाय हविषा विश्वेम  II


God, by whom His fractions are dwelling in all beings in the form of soul, and
by whom the life force (Pranas) is flowing in all bodies, in whose praise the
enlightened ones have been composing mantras, and by Whose support all beings attain immortality as well as death, we must realize that God and worship Him.

Yajurveda: 30.3

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ॐ विश्वानि देव
सवितुर्दुरितानी परासुव I
यद् भद्रं तन्न आसुव II


Meaning: Oh God, creator of the Universe and bestower of all the comforts, keep us away from vices, bad habits and wrong deeds. Bestow upon us that which is good and auspicious.

Yajurveda: 16.41

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ॐ नमः शम्भवाय च, मयोभवाय च I
नमः शंकराय च, मयस्कराय च I
नमः शिवाय च, शिवतराय च II


God is beyond three Gunas. He is benevolent (Shambhu) to all. His remembrance, chanting of His name and glory vanish all our sufferings. He is the eternal cause of motion and advancement, by Him alone all the moving and motionless beings are active. Because of Him the Sun, the moon and all planets are in motion, and all creatures move on the Earth. By the grace of alone, maintains peace of mind, mental concentration and thus strives for physical,  mental and spiritual progress. By the grace of God alone one attains ‘Moksha’, the state of ultimate joy, we bow to Him millions of times.

Yajurveda 36.12

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ॐ शन्नो देवीरभिष्टये , आपो भवन्तु पीतये I

शंयोर भिस्रवन्तु नः II

By Rishi Atharvana

Meaning: Oh God, Your form is divine, You are in the form of Light. Whatever resources and wealth, etc.  we have by Your grace, all that may be blissful to us, that should suffice our needs and enhance comforts, peace and prosperity.