Our annual celebration of Vyas Puja, or Guru Puja, took place on July 14th and 15th, 2012.  Over 100 people came to read from Satguru Ji’s Ramayan over the 24 hour period, giving us knowledge and peace as we all strive to live a more yogic life. Below are some videos from the auspicious weekend:

3 Responses to “Videos from Vyas Puja 2012”

  1. Urmilla Chawla Says:

    I enjoyed sharingn these videos with my family and tomorrow I hope to share them with my friends.

    thank you for including my recitation of chapter 2

    Urmilla Chawla

  2. Urmilla Chawla Says:

    Very nice video excellent recording of bhajans.

    thank you for including my recitation of Chap. 2

    For those who will visit this website will learn a lot.

    Keep up the good work Rebecca and Priya.

    Urmilla Chawla

  3. din dyal khurana Says:

    JAI SHRI PRABHU JI KI …… very much rewarding …. good to watch….ddk

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