The literal Sanskrit translation of karma is “action.” Each karma has an effect, in the present or the future. Therefore, the effect of our karma is neither punishment nor reward but simply an extended expression or consequence of our chosen acts.

Karmas lead to bonds and attachments. Yet as long as we are living, we have no choice but to perform actions. Karma Yoga, therefore, is the path for those looking to perfect their actions so that bonds are not created and one becomes closer to God and Self-realization.

What does it mean to perfect one’s karmas or actions? The Bhagavad Gita is filled with wisdom on this topic, and here is a simple summary taken from our Satguru Ji’s writings:

Karma Yoga is to do karma with the body while keeping the mind in meditation. When actions are performed in this way, desire for the fruits of one’s action ends and karma transforms into karma yoga. Therefore, a karma yogi is peaceful in both gain and loss. One then becomes a karma sanyasi (renunciate of karma), performing all actions by one’s senses but the soul remains detached.

While this may seem esoteric, it is reachable in this lifetime! We must apply what we learn from the scriptures to make real progress. Here are some practical tips to help us learn to combine karmas with detachment and meditation:

1. Live for others. Each day, increase the number of actions you perform for the livelihood and happiness of others.

2. Reduce the number of unnecessary actions we perform for ourselves and focus on our basic duties in life. Not sure what karmas are necessary? Read the scriptures and then contemplate  on your life to learn to discriminate your actions in this way.

3. Remember the impermanence of this life, and the permanence of your aatma (soul) and God. By remembering this, both gains and losses will seem insignificant and we can stay focused on doing our duties regardless of the outcome.

4. Learn to see your actions as God’s actions, and that your body and senses are simply an instrument. By doing this, you will detach from a feeling of “I, me, or mine.”

3 Responses to “4 Keys to Karma Yoga”

  1. priya Bhanot Says:

    Our lives become so suffocated in this present era.such lessons and articles definitely works like balm and having a soothing effect on our mind.

    Jai Gurudev

    Priya Bhanot

  2. s.s.sareen Says:

    guru ji used to say hath meh kaam ho aur monh mey ram ho.

  3. RAJEEV Says:

    There comes a feel that Soul and body are different, body perform all the karma and soul just witness it. Is it true? I feel nice to be with these kind questions.

    Always feel your presence PYARE GURUJI

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