One of our talented students, Urmilla Chawla, wrote this beautiful poetry on the 12th chapter of the Gita…enjoy!


Arjun questions Lord Krishna:

Some devotees worship personal God with rituals, prayers and loving devotion

While others seek the Imperishable, Undefined, Unmanifest, and second to none

Tell me Supreme Lord, which Yogi is the superior knower of the path of devotion?

Replied Lord Krishna:

Those who have controlled all senses and rejoice in the good of all

Those who renounce the fruits of actions and live with high moral

Those who fix their mind on me with faith, love and deep devotion

Those for whom I am their Personal God are Yogis with best intention

Clarified Lord Krishna:

For human beings to pursue the Unmanifest is a tedious process and unrealistic

Personal God is easily envisioned and worshipped, hence this path devotees pick

Their temperament determines the path they choose to connect with the divine

What matters is that they renounce all actions to God and with Him forever align


Lord Krishna then promised:

Those who surrender all  actions, take refuge in me and make me as the highest goal

Those who worship me with an undivided mind and meditate on me as they are told

I immediately become their saviour from the endless cycles of birth and death

I lift them up from the ocean of ‘samsara’, the worldly life of limitless breadth

So suggested Lord Krishna to all kinds of devotees to first try to fix their mind and intellect firmly in Him with full faith:

Then aspire to reach me by studying spiritual disciplines and its practice good

Better still is meditation, contemplation and self-realization well understood

Best of all is to do self-less service to humanity, committing and acting for my sake

Renounce the fruits of all actions and you will surely attain peace and God’s grace

Lord Krishna then enumerated and explained the attributes of a devotee (qualities to be cultivated to the perfection level):

That devotee is dear to me:

Who is friendly, compassionate, empathetic, and hates no one

Who is egoless, and is equal-minded in sorrow and happiness

Who is forgiving, tolerant, content, and firm in his conviction

Who surrenders his mind and intellect to me with full devotion

That devotee is also dear to me:

Who is free from impulsive fits of joy, envy, fear, and anxiety

Who is undisturbed, unperturbed and deals with equanimity

Who is knowledgeable, competent, always alert, and resourceful

Who is unattached, quiet observant, silent, pure, positive and hopeful

That devotee is also dear to me:

Who is equal- minded towards friends and foe, in honor and disgrace

Who grieves nor rejoices in pleasure or pain, hot or cold, blame or praise

Who has renounced all sense of doer ship and never says “it’s mine”

Who with a still mind, is absorbed in the contemplation of the Divine


Lord Krishna concluded by saying:

Those who follow this guideline of Immortal Dharma

Those who develop divine qualities and good Karma

Those endowed with faith, deep devotion and intent on me

They achieve peace, salvation and God’s grace –I guarantee!


On Shanti, Om Shanti, Om Shanti

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  1. i am Zion Butterfly Says:

    Thanks so much for this poem. The Gita interests me because it reminds me of the Bible. I admit I have not read it completely but thank u for sharing a piece of It’s essence.

  2. subhash Says:

    Jai shree prabhu ji ki …!! great work with nice explanation.keep it up with the same spirit.!!

  3. sohan sareen Says:

    good work. god bless you.

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