ॐ शन्नो भगः शमु नः शंसो अस्तु
शान्नाः पुरन्धि  शमु सन्तु रायः I
शन्नो अर्यमा पुरुजातो अस्तु II

Source:      Rishi: Vashishtha         Rigveda: 7.35.2


O God! By your grace, humankind has attained wealth, power, intelligence, comforts,
luxuries, independence, and a lot more. We pray that we must not misuse these powers and riches.
They should be used to enhance comfort, peace and justice in the world.
No being should ever suffer from these powers.
Our wealth and fame must beget peace, our intelligence must always be the cause
of comfort, upholding truth and peace. May your justice extend peace and
happiness everywhere.

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