धर्म                 अर्थ           काम          मोक्ष

These are the four fruits of human life. Just as a gardner works hard to till the ground. He plants a bush, waters the plant, takes the weeds out and watches it grow. He expects flowers to bloom and then produce fruits. The fruit is the ultimate success of his efforts. Same way, a human life can be successful if it can result in the above four fruits, Dharam, Arth, Kaam and Moksh.
DHARAM: If a person fulfills all his duties, he does his Dharam. These include his personal, social, societal and religious duties. One has to be a good person and citizen.
ARTH: If one is financially successful, where he is able to acquire all his basic needs with his own efforts, he is considered to be successful and has achieved this fruit of life.
KAAM: If one fulfills his desires (kaamnaayen), that is another fruit of success. These desires could be the high achievements as a professional, social leader, or a family member.
MOKSH: The ultimate goal and achievemnt of human life is Moksha (liberation, mukti, nirvana, kaivalya). If one can attaion this in the present human life, he has achieved the fourth and the most important fruit of life.

Yajurveda: 16.41

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ॐ नमः शम्भवाय च, मयोभवाय च I
नमः शंकराय च, मयस्कराय च I
नमः शिवाय च, शिवतराय च II


God is beyond three Gunas. He is benevolent (Shambhu) to all. His remembrance, chanting of His name and glory vanish all our sufferings. He is the eternal cause of motion and advancement, by Him alone all the moving and motionless beings are active. Because of Him the Sun, the moon and all planets are in motion, and all creatures move on the Earth. By the grace of alone, maintains peace of mind, mental concentration and thus strives for physical,  mental and spiritual progress. By the grace of God alone one attains ‘Moksha’, the state of ultimate joy, we bow to Him millions of times.