काम         क्रोध       लोभ        मोह      अहंकार
kaam       krodh     lobh       moh     ahankaar

They refer to universal obstacles and enemies of one’s spiritual development. As long as we indulge in these traits of daily living, we cannot faithfully follow the teachings of Yoga. Hence we cannot attain Moksha, the ultimate goal of human life.

1. Kaam: The sensous feelings. They prevent one from rational thinking, and if denied or are not attained, it leads to Anger.

2. Krodh: Anger. Anger leads to fuzzy and irrational thinking, which leads to irrational behavior. A mind not thinking clearly definitely is a cause for one’s total destruction.

3. Lobh: Greed. Greed leads to attachment. Fulfillment of greed increases attchment and more greed. Non fulfillment of desires leads to anger. Both attachment and anger prevent one from an unbiased thinking.

4. Moh: Attachment (to a person or possessions). As above, attachment is a slow killer. It promotes biased, irrational and depressing behavior.

5. Ahankar: Ego. This is the worst of all enemies. It is the root cause of all other behaviors. It makes a person non humble, non cooperative, possessive, empowering over others and leads to all other four cursive personalities.

Yajurveda 36.12

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ॐ शन्नो देवीरभिष्टये , आपो भवन्तु पीतये I

शंयोर भिस्रवन्तु नः II

By Rishi Atharvana

Meaning: Oh God, Your form is divine, You are in the form of Light. Whatever resources and wealth, etc.  we have by Your grace, all that may be blissful to us, that should suffice our needs and enhance comforts, peace and prosperity.