मैत्री           करुणा         मुदिता         उपेक्षा
maitree     karuna        mudita       upeksha

These words refer to conditioning of mind for a purified living. They also are a guide to deal with the world and the people around you.

Maitree: Treat everybody as your friend. Form friendship with all around you. Behave as if they are your close friends. You will find them treating you the same way.

Karuna: Have compassion for the helpless or the less blessed. Feel sorry for them. Do the best you can to help.

Mudita: Join other peoples happiness. If you see something good happening, feel good and join them in their celebrations. Do not be jealous.

Upeksha: Sometime there are circumstances beyond your control and sometime there are bad things happening in the word, like wars, atrocities that are beyond your control and they are not your doing, simply ignore them.

Yajurved: 33.31

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ॐ उदुत्यं जातवेदसं देवं वहन्ति केतवः
द्वशे विश्वाय सूर्यं  II

Rishi: Praskanva               Yajurved  33.31

Meaning: If one intends to see God, see in His countless manifestations. The omniscient Lord is obvious everywhere. Everything of the creation symbolizes His presence here, behold them as His creations and all these things provide obvious sight of God, Who is in the form of all pervading Light.