टों दक्षिणा दिगिन्द्रो-अधिपतिस, थ्तारिक्षच्राजी रक्षिता पितर इषवः  I
तेभ्यो नमोअधिपतिभ्यो नमो,
राक्षित्रिभ्यो नम इशुभ्यो नम, एभ्यो अस्तु I
योअसमान दवेष्ठी यं वयं द्विष्मस्तं वो जम्भे  द्ध्म: II

Source:   Rishi: Atharva.        From:  Atharvaveda  3.27.2          Chhand: Atyashti.

Tom dakshina digindro-adhipatis, thtarikshchraji rakshita pitar ishva.
tebhyo nmo-adhipatibhyo nmo,
rakshtribhyo nam ishubhyo nam, ebhyo astu.
yo-asmaan dveshthi yam vayam dvishmastam vo jambhe dadhma.

God is Absolute Master of the entire Creation. He saves us from the ominous and enriches us with all kinds of wealth. We pay our obeisances to Him again and again. God is Lord of Dharma. He is judicious. If anyone harms us, we depend upon His justice and remain contented.

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