Join us for a week of Hatha and Raja Yoga training amidst the Ashram’s peaceful acreage of rolling hills and majestic trees. Acharya Hersh Khetarpal, along with other senior teachers at the Ashram, will provide in-depth teachings of Yoga philosophy and the practices of asana, pranayama, meditation.

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We have a special guest teacher, Melanie Camp (RYT), coming from Florida to teach the Asana classes each morning. Melanie has attended the Ashram’s retreats in the past and we are thrilled that she has volunteered to teach classes for the week! For those who don’t know Melanie, she became a certified yoga teacher in 2003, and teaches at Barkan Method Studio, Yoga Connection, and the Mind, Body, Spirit Theme Crystal Cruise Line Trips 2010-2011. . She is also a Duke Integrative Medicine Yoga Therapist, a certified Yoga for Seniors Instructor, and a Kids Yoga Associate Teacher for Yoga Kids International. Melanie is also well known for her classes overseas, including in SE Asia  as part of the CARE International delegation following the Tsunami of 2004, aboard the 2005 Caribbean 1500 sailboat rally, beaches in the British Virgin Islands, yoga retreats in Costa Rica, Brazil, and Greece. To top it off,  she climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2006 and practiced yoga with her crew while ascending. Melanie is currently writing a book of yoga tips from her world travels featuring her original oil paintings. You can view her artwork at

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On Sunday mornings, ten to twenty students gather to learn from the timeless Yoga scriptures. Acharya Hersh Khetarpal guides us through these rich texts, helping us understand the deep teachings and applications to our daily lives. For the past several months, we have been studying the Kathopanishad.

The Kathopanishad recounts the encounter and subsequent dialogue between Nachiketa and Yama, the God of Death, which was the direct result of Nachiketa’s father’s angry response to a question asked by Nachiketa.  As a result of Nachiketa being a patient and honorable guest waiting for the arrival of Lord Yama, he was granted three boons by the God of Death.
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Measurements of Time

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Yoga philosophy explains the life of this universe and the life of God’s creation using a measurement of time called “kalp”. At the end of the Kalp, the universe is destroyed and stays in dormant condition for a long time. Afterward, the Universe is resurrected and a cycle of another Kalp starts.

A Kalp is said to be a wink of Lord Vishnu, and Vishnu has a life span which cannot be calculated by any known scale. That is how old the universe, God’s Srishty, is. Here is how a kalp is calculated by Earth time.

There are 4 Yugas: Sat yug, treta yug, dwapar yug, and kali yug.
1 Sat yug = 1,460,000 Earth years
1 Treta yug = 1,095,000 Earth years
1 Dwapar yug = 730,000 Earth years
1 Kali yug = 365,000 Earth years

Sat yug + treta yug + dwapar yug + kali yug = 1 CHATAR YUGI = 3.65 million Earth years

1000 Chatar yugis = 1 day of Brahma
1000 Chatar yugis = 1 night of Brahma
2000 Chatar yugis = 1 Braham Divas = 7.3 Billion Earth years
365 Braham divas = 1 Braham Varsh =2.6645 Trillion Earth years
100 Brahm Varshs = Age of BRAHAMA = 1 KALP = 266.45 Trillion Earth years

ॐ प्राची दिग्गनिरधिपति , रसितो रक्षितादित्य इषवः I
तेभ्यो नमो-अधिपतिभयो नमो ,
नमो राक्षित्रीभयो नम इशुभ्यो नम एभ्यो अस्तु I
योअस्मान द्वेष्टि यं वयं द्विषम: तं वो जम्भे दध्म: II

Rishi: Atharva Atharvaveda 10.190.1-3 Chhand: Ashti


In all the directions, God ( OM ) alone protects the peoples and bestows life. His protective powers present everywhere like rays of the sun. To that omnipresent God and His powers, we bow again and again. He is judicious and punishes the guilty. None should take justice in one’s own hands. All must trust on the justices of Lord, for He is the Lord of justice ( Dharamraj ). Everyone is treated alike and judiciously in His dominion.