Please enjoy this recipe from Louella! It’s filled with nutritious raw vegetables and tasty spices. A great soup for the summer!

Two Large Carrots, Cut into One to Two-Inch Pieces
Two Large Celery Stalks, Cut into One to Two-Inch Pieces
Two to Three-Inch Piece of a Medium-Size Zucchini
Two to Three-Inch Piece of a Medium-Size Yellow Squash
One-Third of a Sweet Red Pepper
One-Third of a Sweet Yellow or Orange Pepper
Approximately One-Half Cup of Fresh Tomatoes, Quartered with Skin On
One-Half Jalapeno, Seeded, Optional
Two Tablespoons of Tomato Paste
One-Quarter Cup of Olive Oil
Purified Water, Slightly Warmed – Do Not Boil!
Two to Three Rapunzel Vegan Vegetable Bouillons
Two Tablespoons of Fresh Parsley
Several Leaves of Fresh Basil
One-Half Teaspoon of Herbes de Provence
Organic Trocomare Spicy Herb Seasoning Salt by A. Vogel
Ground Pepper


You will need a high-speed commercial blender, such as a Vita-Mix to make this soup as a regular blender will not produce the desired consistency. Place all the ingredients into the blender except for the water and the olive oil. Fill the blender with the warm water until it is approximately two inches from the top. You do not want to use boiling water as you will cook the vegetables. Place the top on the blender along with the mixer. Blend for approximately one-half minute on a lower speed and then for a couple of minutes on high speed. Turn back to the lower speed and add the olive oil. Mix thoroughly on the low speed and it is ready to serve.

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