Atharvaveda 1.1.1

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Source: Atharvaveda  1.1.1                Author: Rishi Atharva

ॐ ये त्रिश्प्तः परियन्ति  विश्वा रूपाणि विभ्र्तः I
वाचस्पतिर्बला तेषाम तन्वो अद्य दधातु मे II

Oh God, you created this creation with twenty one elements*.  By them alone countless forms came into being and by your strength they are existing everywhere in the universe. The same elements constitute our body as well. O Lord! May these elements keep us strong, and their quality should remain intact as it is. Let us strive to keep these pure and do nothing to pollute them in any way.

* 21 Elements:
5 Senses of knowledge: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin.
5 Organs of physical functions: mouth, hands, feet, rectum, genitals.
5 Chief elements: earth, water, air, fire, ether.
5 Objects of senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch.
1 Soul (Self)

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