We all know something about the nature of the conscious mind. We think, feel and act and are conscious of our thoughts, feelings and actions. And whatever we think, feel and do, in other words all our experiences, they’re all stored in the subconscious mind.

We can remember certain things we did. Why are we able to remember? Because what we did remains embedded in the mind. Every thought, feeling, and action leaves an impression, or samskara, on the mind. Nothing is lost. The sum total of those impressions is what constitutes the character of an individual. In other words, we are the result of what we have thought, felt and done.

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Last week the Ashram held its 5th Annual Hatha & Raja Yoga Retreat…and I’m sure if you asked any of the participants who have attended all 5, they’ll tell you this was the best yet! We started each day with a rejuvenating asana class in the peaceful outdoor setting. Lunchtime was not only about eating the delicious sattvic Indian food, but also learning how to cook it! Each afternoon was spent learning about various lesser discussed yogic practices (cleansings, pranayama, chakras, mudras, bandhas, dhyana) as well as Acharyaji’s Upanishad class. The pictures below give you an idea of how much fun we all had! See you next year!

The annual children’s camp was held July 27th – 31st. Over 20 children attended each day, and many didn’t want to leave on the last day! In addition to the Ashram’s focus on yoga practice and philosophy, adult volunteers organized several fun and educational activities, including Rangoli art, Kathak dancing, Mehndi, Rakhi celebration and outdoor sports. We look forward to next year’s camp!