On July 12th, about 100 people gathered at Yog Sadhan Ashram to celebrate Vyas Puja. For those unfamiliar with this special occasion, it is the day to celebrate one’s Guru. At the Ashram, we honored our Satguru Chaman Lal Kapur Ji, as well as Swami Mulkh Raj Ji (Guruji’s own Guru) and Prabhu Ram Lal Ji (Swamiji’s Guru).

In addition to reading from the scriptures, singing beautiful bhajans, demonstrating yoga asanas and cleansings and eating delicious sattvic food, Acharya Hersh Khetarpal delivered a sermon on the importance of a guru in one’s life. As always, her speech was illuminating as well as inspiring, and it covered the deep questions we all have about why it’s necessary to have a guru, what a guru provides in our life that cannot be found anywhere else, and what to look for in a guru. You can watch the 14 minute lecture as well as view pictures from the event below.

Why We Pray

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Prayer is talking directly to God. For great yogis who are in a perpetual state of prayer, God is more real than the external world. But to ordinary men, prayer relies on faith in God.

For this reason, it has been questioned whether there is a necessity for prayer. Some ask, “If there is no God, what good is prayer? Can it change the laws of karma?” It’s difficult to provide proof that is easily tangible and verifiable to our grosser minds.

In this lecture, Acharya Hersh Khetarpal makes several points that show the efficacy of prayer. She answers the crucial questions of why we pray and the various ways we pray. As with any yogic practice, one should also contemplate on their progress from time to time. For this reason, Acharyaji ends the lecture by providing simple yet powerful questions to help us assess whether or not we’re actually realizing the benefits of prayer.

Click on the play button to listen to the 23 minute lecture:

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