What is Aatma?

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Who are we really?

Are we the body given to us in this life? Or are we the state of mind or emotions we feel? Perhaps we are the family we belong to, house we own, or car we drive. In fact, we are none of these things.

In this lecture, Acharya Hersh Khetarpal begins by explaining what it really means that we are our aatma (soul) and that the real question is how can we learn to associate with our aatma and disassociate with our mind, body, ego, etc.

Acharya Ji’s lecture goes even further to explain karmic theory – how our aatma passes through multiple lives according to our previous and current actions, with the ultimate goal of ending the birth/death cycle and merging with the Supreme soul. The lecture also briefly describes the 4 yogic paths (bhakti yoga, jyana yoga, karma yoga and raja yoga) to the goal of moksha, or where the individual soul merges with the Supreme soul.

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