Below is an article about a devotee’s trip to the main ashram in Hoshiarpur, Punjab:

On March 23, 2007 I set out to discover yoga as it is practiced in the country where it was originated. A group of 14 from eclectic backgrounds, from a poet to a school principle to a dentist, all affiliated with Yog Sadhan in Chicago Ashram in one way or other, had arrived a day earlier than I did. After a 15 hour flight and a 10-hour car ride I stepped inside a true Indian ashram where no Westerner had ever visited.

Soon after my arrival, someone escorted me into a small room where aarti was taking place. The members of my group were already settled in what would be their new home for the next three weeks, chanting along with the locals. Hersh’s father, Satgurudev Shri Chaman Lal Kapur, called “Guruji” by his students was in deep meditation with his eyes closed.

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